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Welcome to Road to Success Driving School

We are located north of Dallas in Plano, Texas and offer convenient driver education class times. Our first priority is safety for your child and our students. We have certified instructors who provide the best in driver education instruction.

Road To Success Driving School
909 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Ste 420
Plano, Texas 75023

Teenage Driver Education Classes

We offer classes Monday-Thursday for 4 weeks. The cost is $325 if you register prior to first day of class or $360 if you register same day of class. Also, you can pay $175 down with a balance of $175 due within 2 weeks for a total cost of $350. We also offer a payment plan in 2 installments (teenage driving classes only). Click here to sign-up using our installment plan.

2015 Teen Driving Class Sign-Up & Schedule

Adult Driving Classes

A six hour course is held on the second and fourth week of each month. The six hour course is taught in 3 sessions. Each class session is 2 hours. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Class times vary, so please call us to find out class times. The cost of class is $100 or $125 for the class plus the permit test.

2015 Adult Driving Class Sign-Up & Schedule

Adult Private Driving Lessons

Private driving instruction is also available. If you took the adult driving class with us, then driving lessons are $40 a lesson up to 7 lessons. If you sign-up for 7 lessons, we offer a $15 discount. If you didn't take the adult driving class with us, driving lessons are $45 a lesson with a minimum of 2 lessons.

Sign-up for Private Driving Lessons

Reasons to Enroll Your Child

1. Less than 4 miles from any Plano high school, such as Clark, Jasper, Vines, and Williams.

2. State of the art projections

3. Incorporation of the 3 learning styles: kinesthetic, audio, and visual

4. Small classes (no more than 15 students)

5. Permit testing on site

6. Certified adult trainer and classes

7. Community and charity service

Learn more about our teenage driver education classes->

Contact us today at 214-991-1406.

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