Road to Success Driving School provides this free informational resource page as a courtesy to students and their families.

Click the link below to open and/or download the Texas Drivers Handbook (Last Revised Sept. 2014) from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Texas Drivers Handbook from DPS

“The information contained in this handbook is not an official legal reference to Texas traffic laws. The information provided is only intended to explain applicable federal and state laws you need to understand in order to successfully operate a motor vehicle in Texas. If you would like to know the actual language of any traffic laws referenced in this handbook, please refer to the Texas Transportation Code and for any criminal laws refer to the Texas Penal Code.

Once you receive your Texas driver license, keep this handbook as a reference on traffic safety and update it as needed. The Texas Legislature meets every two years and regularly makes changes to traffic laws. For the most current information on driver licensing visit our website at”

Here is a condensed table of contents, to give you an idea of what the handbook covers:

Chapter 1: Your License to Drive

Chapter 2: Vehicle Inspection and Registration

Chapter 3: Safety Responsibility

Chapter 4: Right-of-Way

Chapter 5: Signals, Signs, and Markers


Chapter 6: Signaling, Passing, and Turning

Chapter 7: Parking, Stopping, or Standing

Chapter 8: Speed and Speed Limits

Chapter 9: Some Special Driving Situations

Chapter 10: Alcohol and Drugs’ Impact on the Driving Ability

Chapter 11: Motor Vehicle Crashes



Chapter 12: Pedestrian Safety

Chapter 13: Bicycle Vehicle Laws and Safety

Chapter 14: Additional Safety Tips

Appendix A: Glossary of Terms

Appendix B: Driver License Offices

Appendix C: Study and Review Questions

For further information related to driving in the State of Texas, visit: